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Tips for Final Walk Through

The final walk-through is the very last and important step of the home-buying process. It is your last chance before settlement to make sure the home you are buying is in order and everything is in working condition. Now is the time to make sure any repairs that were agreed upon home inspection or  when you made your offer have been completed. Be informed that final walk-through is not a home inspection

Here is a list of items to check on a final walk-through:

  1. Start the dishwasher when you first arrive
  2. Test hot and cold water in kitchen sink to make sure faucet is working
  3. Look under sinks for water leaks
  4. Turn on stove, oven and light
  5. Check all kitchen cabinets, drawers, and island cabinets.
  6. Test garbage disposal if it operates properly
  7. Check exhaust fan in kitchen and all bathrooms
  8. Flush all the toilets
  9. Turn on the shower and open and close tub stopper
  10. Turn on  and off all light switches
  11. Check all outlets to make sure these all have power
  12. Check the refrigerator
  13. Start the washer and dryer
  14. Open and shut garage doors
  15. Open and close all windows and sliding glass doors
  16. Check basement and attic
  17. Check smoke detectors
  18. Inspect ceilings, walls and floors for any damages or scratches
  19. Run garbage disposal and exhaust fans
  20. Test heating and air conditioning
  21. Make sure all debris is removed from the home 

Get Complete Final Walk-Through Checklist in PDF