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Loan Modification Options

Before we get started, lets find out What is a Loan Modification? A loan modification is a process in which the lien holder “bank, lender, or investor” changes the terms of your mortgage note so that the payments are more affordable for you. When refinancing is not an option and you are at a point where you can’t afford to make your mortgage payments…

Loan Modification makes the most sense so you can keep your home.
If you are behind on your mortgage payments, facing foreclosure, OR you are current but you can no longer continue to pay what you owe… you have options available to you. Chanu Badwal is experienced professional who will negotiate on your behalf to make your mortgage more affordable.

Loan Modification changes can include the following:

  • Extending the term of Loan.
  • Missed payments are forgiven or moved to back end of the principal.
  • Monthly payment is reduced to fit your ability to pay.
  • High interest rate is reduced to create an affordable payment.
  • Adjustable rate is converted to lower fixed-rate loan.
  • Lender may forgive part of loan balance to match home’s value.
  • Lender may differ interest on some portion of the loan balance.
  • Foreclosure process is stopped and lender modifies loan terms!
  • Negative amortization loans are converted to non-negative fixed loan.
  • Any combination of one or more of these results. 

Who qualify for Loan Modification?

Borrowers who are struggling to stay current on their mortgage payments may be eligible (even if they are not currently behind on payments!) if their income is not sufficient to continue to make their mortgage payments and they are at risk of imminent default. This may be due to several factors, such…

  • Can’t afford your current mortgage payment?
  • Behind on mortgage payment?
  • Can’t refinance due to the balance is higher then property value?
  • Payments Increasing due to Adjustable loan?
  • No Job or decrease in Income?
  • Afraid of loosing your home?
  • Afraid of Foreclosure?

A Loan Modification will give you a fresh start, bringing your mortgage up to date after capitalizing any delinquent interest, escrow, late fees, and other costs. Chanu Badwal offers loan modification service to help homeowners who may be experiencing difficulty in making monthly payments on their home loan.

Acting quickly should be your number one priority, as Chanu will need to develop a plan, document your current financial situation, and contact your lender to begin negotiations on your behalf. She has open lines of communication with most lenders, which gives her the ability and power to negotiate directly with the person who is in charge of making a decision on your loan modification.

My  goal here is to help you lower your monthly payment, relieve your stress, and  keep you in your home. Few way how Chanu Badwal will work with you…

  • I will take all the basic information from you
  • I will Pre-Qualify you in my Loan Modification Software
  • I will come up with the plan that meets your need.
  • I will gather required documents from you and start the process
  • I am NOT here to take your money , I am here to save your home! 

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